Blackwork por Becky Hogg

Blackwork por Becky Hogg

Titulo del libro: Blackwork

Autor: Becky Hogg

Número de páginas: 96 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 11, 2011

ISBN: 184448551X

Editor: Search Press

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Becky Hogg con Blackwork

Exquisite and timeless, the needlework portrayed in these guides promotes the Royal School of Needlework’s mission to keep the art of hand embroidery alive in the 21st century. Focusing on some of the oldest and most essential stitches and patterns, the books in this craft series are spiral-bound and lay flat on the table. Step-by-step photographic instructions on framing and transferring designs are included, as are introductory histories to each technique. Sections of patterns, along with pictures of finished pieces that demonstrate how to correctly use the patterns, help crafters take their needlework to new heights of artistry.

Blackwork—the technique of stitching black thread onto white- or cream-colored linen and using shading and outlining to create dramatic effects—is the focus of this stunning needlework manual.