Faith and Philosophy of Jainism por Arun Kumar Jain

Faith and Philosophy of Jainism por Arun Kumar Jain

Titulo del libro: Faith and Philosophy of Jainism

Autor: Arun Kumar Jain

Número de páginas: 319 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 1, 2009

ISBN: 8178357232

Editor: Kalpaz Publications

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Arun Kumar Jain con Faith and Philosophy of Jainism

Jainism is a religion which symbolizes solidarity and unity between all beings. Jainism is deeply philosophical and a very scientific religion. This book covers historical developments of Jainism from its earliest time to its latest version. As one of the world's major religions, Jainism has today a very long history of a splendid tradition, with a well-defined philosophy and code of ethics. This volume covers its beginning, antiquity, doctrines, Tirthankaras, spread, and its contribution to world's culture and art heritage. Main sects and practices, important scriptures, prestigious scholars, sacred sites, prayers and pilgrimages, beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, all are covered in this volume., About The Author:- Arun Kumar Jain was born on 17th Oct. 1951. His ancestors belonged to the village of Binauli, Barauth in Western U.P., India. Hailing from a Jain family, he was given the knowledge of Jainism as legacy. After passing from Jain School, Darya Ganj, he entered Delhi College of Engineering, something that opened new vistas for him, with friends who came from all walks of life and indirectly persuaded him for introspection of his own values. The more he introspected and analyzed, the more fervent he became in his practices and stand he now enlightened. This lit up a desire to spread words about philosophy of Jainism. However, the entanglements of life prevented him for so long to accomplish his desire but now. He is well known in his political and social circle for his writings which are crisp, clear, and direct., Contents:- Contents, Preface ix, 1. Jainism: An Introduction 1, 2. History 15, The Ancientness of Jainism, Origin, Early History, Medieval History, Modern History, References, 3. Philosophy 31, Basic Philosophy, Divine Laws, Primary Beliefs, Jiva, Ajiva, Asrava, Bandha, Samvara, Nirjara, Moksh, Ethics, Metaphysics, Jainism: A, Scientific Religion, Difference between Jainism and Vedic Hindu, Religion, References, 4. Concept of God 55, Defining God, Ar