Nectar Stream (English Edition) por Radhanath Swami

Nectar Stream (English Edition) por Radhanath Swami

Titulo del libro: Nectar Stream (English Edition)

Autor: Radhanath Swami

Número de páginas: 62 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 4, 2014

Editor: Jaico Publishing House

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Radhanath Swami con Nectar Stream (English Edition)

The drop has expanded into a stream now. Yes Nectar Stream is a sequel to Nectar Drops book which was the first quote book.
In Nectar Stream you will find an array of quotes lined up to help you advance in your personal understanding and practice of spiritual life. Every person is looking for deep wisdom underlying in the innumerable scriptures of this world. Nectar Stream is a book which is based on HH Radhanath Swamis teachings which brings out the deepest wisdom in simple, yet profound words which will leave you in a meditative trance.
Each quote of Nectar Stream can leave you thoughtful for the entire day.
Experience the nectar flowing through the pages of the Nectar Stream.